We don’t know much about, Pilates or Pirates

About Riding a Horse or Horsing around.

Or much Else.

But there is one thing we know like a few others do.


About FurraModa

Form meets Function meets Feel meets Fashion.

With over 25 years of combined global experience in interiors, we have in our team some of the finest, most knowledgeable people in the business. People who create interiors that are the perfect combination of form, function, feel and fashion. It’s this amalgamation of the 4 Fs that has made every FurraModa offering unique. Whether it’s a home, an office, or both, or even remodelling of either.


We’re a company with a vision.

At FurraModa we want to design joy, not merely interiors. We want to add life, not merely objects. We want to beat expectations, not merely meet them.



We’re a company on a mission

The FurraModa mission is to change the current landscape of interior design. A mission we plan to accomplish by providing cutting-edge, always-innovative, cost-efficient solutions in interior design and modular furniture. The mission is to leave every customer not merely satisfied, but absolutely delighted.

And did we mention our mission is also to make FurraModa one India’s 5 most admired companies by year 2025?


We’re a company in the company of happy people.

We are proud of each of our team-members and the unique skill-set they bring. Every client can expect everyone at Furramoda to constantly find more and more creative ways to use space in every project. To be thorough and accurate in design and in implementation. To be sensitive to the space to be designed, and be a good listener, before designing a solution. To check with the client if their expectations and needs have been understood correctly. And most importantly, to complete all projects assigned, on time, every single time.



The perfect mix of experience and youth, international exposure and unbridled enthusiasm, the one thing that binds the FurraModa team together is a passion for interiors. With a policy of collaboration, you will never find us working in silos.



Everyone gets to do everything. Everyone's ideas are welcome. And you can reach out to any one of us for answers, for guidance, and any time you need a listening ear. We will be more than happy to oblige. All in all, we are here, for good.